Del 21.10.2016 al 23.10.2016 –

I Mallorca Birding Race

From 21 to 23 October 2016 Mallorca becomes the center of ornithological tourism thanks to the “I Mallorca Birding Race”, an open international teams marathon, designed for all ornithologists and lovers of bird watching can come together in a single event

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Del 12.10.2016 al 16.10.2016 –

Beach Volley Around the World Tournament. Platja d’Alcúdia.

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Del 12.10.2016 al 12.10.2016 –

Ball de Bot.

Passeig Marítim 18.00h. Free

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Del 14.10.2016 al 16.10.2016 –


On the marvellous fine white sand at Alcúdia beach, the “COPA PESCADISCO” Frisbee tournament has been held the last few years. Every year, over 120 players from all over the world travel to Alcúdia to enjoy this event.

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Del 15.10.2016 al 15.10.2016 –

Music & Dance without text

Bitels per a bebés. 17 & 18h. Alcúdia’s Auditorium. Price: 6 €

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Del 16.10.2016 al 16.10.2016 –

Concert groups New Heaven & Lipstick Groove

Passeig Marítim 20.00h Free

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Del 20.10.2016 al 20.10.2016 –

Mallorcan doughnuts and serenades during the day of the Virgins

On October 20th the whole Mallorca celebrates the day of the Virgins. Men court women with serenades. A group of Alcudian musicians get together to court women commissioned by their suitors, friends, fathers or godfathers. Women show their gratitude by off

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Del 21.10.2016 al 21.10.2016 –

Theatre play in Catalan

August , by Tracy Letts . 21h . Alcúdia’s Auditorium. Price: 5€

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Del 29.10.2016 al 29.10.2016 –

Interactive show of music, dance and multimedia

UMBRO. 20h. Auditorium of Alcúdia. Alcúdia’s Auditorium. Price: 10 €

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Del 22.11.2016 al 22.11.2016 –


In the Auditori d’Alcúdia, concert celebrating the patron saint of musicians.

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